Conquer Series

Battle plan for men

The Conquer Series is a ten-week DVD series providing an in-depth look at struggles we face with porn use and addiction using the Conquer Series workbooks. This is not just another study tool for men, but a tried and proven battle plan for purity in a lustful and Godless world.

Week ONE - Understanding the Battlefield

This introductory lesson is designed to help men understand the foundational aspects that contribute to sexual addiction. It not only reflects the sexual struggles within our society, but how sexual depravity has infiltrated the Church.

Week TWO - The Noose of Sexual Bondage

  1. The Root of bondage (past wounds and trauma).
  2. The Mindset of shame or having a shame perspective: "Something is wrong with me."
  3. The lifestyle of Bondage: engaging in a binge purge cycle.
  4. The cloak of denial: the justification of our choices.

Week THREE - The Battle of the Brain

Failure to know where the battle takes place is detrimental because you’ll keep trying to fix the problem with the wrong solution, often making matters worse. The battle for sexual purity is a battle of the mind; one that takes place in your brain. It is possible for a man to genuinely love Christ but fail to stop his addiction on his own.

Week FOUR - Renewing the Mind

How is it that our brain, approximately three pounds of grey matter, is where bondage takes place? Sexual addiction is not mainly a moral problem but a brain problem.

Satan Will use anything he can to lire you away from your relationship with God and others. His plan is to use an imitation of sexual intimacy – pornography, fantasy, masturbation, affairs – to hold you captive and eventually destroy you. Therefore, it is so important that you understand the neurochemicals involved in sexual addiction and the role they play in the addictive process.

Week FIVE - Strongholds of the Enemy (Part 1)

It is a serious thing when one’s eyes have been opened to the truth, because with truth comes freedom. If Satan can keep a toehold of deception in your life to stop you from breaking completely free, he will do it; bound Christians cannot fight. This is what sexual bondage is all about; keeping a man in chains through deception, through the lies that have been mixed with the truth.

Week SIX - Strongholds of the Enemy (Part 2)

We all have been wounded. Hurt in a way that, despite our best efforts, we carry our pain and trauma with us wherever we go; into every area of our lives, especially into our relationships. The pain of our past trauma – our woundedness – lives deep within our brain in the limbic system. As we keep our past trauma hidden from those around us, buried so deep that no one will ever see it, protecting it as though our life depended on it, something happens. We create a world of isolation, held captive by our fear and shame, and the enemy will stop at nothing to keep us in bondage.

Week SEVEN - The Soldier and His Weapons

In this lesson, we will explore how each piece of armor links to the way we think; providing practical and spiritual assistance to help us conquer sexual bondage. We will take a closer look at the cross and examine how Christ’s shed blood gives us a new identity. As we develop our identity in Christ, we will begin to believe the dreams God has for us.

Week EIGHT - Changing your Legacy

This week, you will be completely fitted with the Armor of God, ready to defeat the powers of hell. You will discover the role of epigenetics and how your behaviors, both positive and negative, are genetically passed to your children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. You will be challenged to think about the impact of generational curses on the legacy you will leave for future generations.

Week NINE - The Battle Plan

In this lesson, as you near the finish line we will continue to explore the important principles that will keep you on track. You will learn the practical application of mental visualization and developing positive self-talk. These tools will help you take sweet revenge against the enemy, taking back what the enemy has stolen from you.

Week TEN - Finishing Strong

What matters in life is not how you start, but how you finish. This lesson is designed to help men finish strong. Getting free from sexual bondage will be one of the hardest things a man will ever do in his life, which is why men need practical principles for the journey ahead. The strategies and principles taught in this lesson are based on biblical principles for renewing the mind and deepening one’s relationship with Jesus Christ.

The Conquer Series workbooks are a $30 value. Donations are appreciated to offset the cost of the workbooks.