Growth Track

Our process to help you go from renter to owner as you decide to make Shiloh your home church

Growth Track is how we go from renters to owners.

What's the difference? Say you're renting a car and you scratch the side of it by mistake. Oops... at least it's just a rental, right? Maybe you got the insurance and it's covered so no big deal.

But say you scratch your car. Different reaction? Why is that?

We care for things differently when we're owners.

When it comes to our home church where we attend regularly, find our community, and grow closer to God & others, we should all view ourselves as owners. We should care about and be involved in what's happening.

Growth Track is designed to bring you up to speed with where we've come from as a church and where we're going. It will equip you in the decision of making Shiloh your home church and help you transition from a renter to an owner.

We want to help everyone Know God, Find Freedom, Discover Purpose, and Make a Difference and if you're new to Shiloh, or are still looking for a way to connect, Growth Track is the perfect launching point.