Shine Camp

Shine Camp 2021 is coming up! Registration now open!!


Click the link below to register now! :D

We're heading to Berea Camp in Maine again this year for camp!

We can't wait to spend the weekend pressing into God and are praying for each student to encounter God in a real way at camp this year. Registration opens May 9th. You can find our camp info packet and the student packing list below!

Please contact with any questions


Camp 2021 COVID-19 Protocols

We are so excited to be having camp again after our first year off! We want to ensure everyone’s safety during this time so we’ve updated our procedures and are including them here. We will continue to monitor CDC guidelines and modify our procedures as need be.

Shine camp covid-19 protocols

  • Cabin assignments will be the student's primary cohort. These students will be grouped together on the bus, for meals, and sleeping. This will limit close contact between all students. During outdoor games/activities, students will not be required to remain with their cohort so as to allow socialization with those outside their cohort.  
  • On the bus ride, if possible, students' seats will be staggered, family members will be allowed to sit together. Students will be asked to wear masks on the bus. All staff and students will be screened prior to boarding the bus to leave for camp.
  • At camp, masks will be required when social distancing is unable to happen. Students should bring multiple masks in the event their mask gets dirty, lost etc. Shine will bring disposable masks. 
  • Each Shine staff will carry hand sanitizer at all times. Students will be required to sanitize their hands before entering any building at camp.
  • Staff is planning on games, team building activities and messages being outside whenever possible. There is a brand new gymnasium on site in the event of rain to allow for social distancing.
  • Staff will be providing paper towels for students to place their toothbrushes & toiletries on so as not to be placing their personal stuff on possibly contaminated surfaces.

Berea COVID-19 Procedures and Protocol

Berea will clean cabins and bathrooms according to CDC guidelines prior to our arrival. We will bring cleaning and sanitizing products and will have a schedule to clean and sanitize cabins and bathrooms regularly throughout our stay.

  • Berea will label bunk beds to indicate which end someone’s head should be at to allow for more social distancing. Windows in the cabins will be open and there will be fans provided to increase ventilation.
  • All facilities will be cleaned and sanitized on a regular basis by Berea. Prior to our arrival, they will receive a copy of our detailed schedule and will ensure meeting rooms and game rooms are cleaned prior to our scheduled time to use the room.
  • At mealtime, masks will be worn when entering, exiting and moving about the dining hall. All plates, silverware etc will be handed out by Berea staff to avoid cross-contamination.
  • There will be only 8 people allowed at a table with 6’ social distancing between chairs and tables. The dining hall will be limited to 50 guests at a time. Should there be another group at Camp Berea at the same time as Shine, meals will be staggered so no one is eating in the dining hall at the same time as us.

Health Monitoring

  • Staff will be monitoring all students and staff temperatures before breakfast and dinner.
  • Should a student or staff become ill or begin displaying symptoms of COVID-19, that person will be isolated in a separate cabin, meals will be provided and a staff member will remain at the cabin at all times until the child can be picked up. Staff will pack student’s belongings and the cabin will immediately be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.
Camp 2019 Testimony Video

Quiet Prayer Camp Playlist

We got a ton of requests for our camp playlist this year so here it is! You can also find these songs on our Spotify and the button below!

Beggar - Benjamin James

Spirit Breathe - Reality SF Music

Maker of the Moon - Bright City

Shine on Us - William Matthews

All Hail King Jesus - Jeremy Riddle

Kind [lo-fi] - Ben Potter

Thank You - Ben Potter

Nineveh - Danny O'Callaghan

Speak - Bethany Music

In Your Midst - Allie Paige

You're the Only One - Chris Renzema, Moriah Hazeltine

Build My Life - Housefires

So In Love - Isla Vista Worship

I Don't Want to Go - Chris Renzema