Grades 1st through 5th

Kids in 1st through 5th grade will experience God in a way they will never forget through exciting series where kids dig into God’s Word and learn how to apply it to their everyday lives. It is our goal for every kid to realize that Jesus loves them and has an incredible plan for their lives.

Service Times

Classes are held every week during our 9:30am service. Children can be dropped off between 9:15am-9:30am.

Parent FAQs

If my child is attending Shiloh Kids for the first time how will they know where to go or what to do?

At Shiloh, children are welcome from the start of service at their classrooms in our Life Center building. The Life Center is our second building located in the parking lot next to our main building. We always have security volunteers keeping our buildings and children safe and secure.

You will find self-serve Kid Check-In stations on both floors of the Life Center building. If you need any assistance, a Check-In admin will be nearby or ask any classroom teacher. You will receive your own tag with a security code that matches the one on your child’s name tag. Just hang onto that security tag and hand it to the classroom teacher when you pick up your child.

My child is attending a service with a friend/family member who is in a different age group. Can they attend together in the same class?

Because our curriculum is adapted in each class to best fit the age group being taught, we encourage kids to attend the service in their appropriate classroom. However, if a child is uncomfortable attending alone, they may attend service with a friend or family member; we just ask that both children attend the service of the youngest child’s age group. This allows both children to fully understand and engage in the lesson being taught.

Are there any tools provided by Shiloh Kids to help parents connect with what their children are learning in church?

Every Sunday, children receive an “Explorer Guide” that is a fun activity sheet that contains activities and information about the week’s Bible lesson. Families can discuss the Bible lesson on their way home from church. You will also find the Bible Verse of the week that kids practice all week long. When kids return to church with the verse memorized the are awarded tickets for the 'Shiloh Kids Store' that is open on the first Sunday of every month.

As a parent, can I be my child’s classroom teacher?

We love having parents involved with their children at Shiloh Kids and our team is always excited to welcome new volunteers who love pouring into the lives of children! All of our volunteers have had state and national background checks completed and have been trained in each classroom. If you would like learn more about becoming a Shiloh Kids volunteer contact Cathy Saller, our Children's Director.